Andy Holt

Previous VCA member since 2008. VOA member since inception. 1994 Gen 1 Viper. Bought with 15,000 miles on it in 2007. Now has over 50,000. Custom Venzano Viper interior. You’ll usually see me with the 3 piece top ON though, no A/C !!! Andy lives in Powell, OH just north of Columbus with his fiancée Jenny. They’ll be getting married this coming May. Andy likes to golf in his spare time along with the obvious time allotted for car obsession. He also owns a 2014 Chevy SS for his daily driver. That’s two red cars they no longer make. Andy has been active with the group for 10 years now attending many various events as a regular. Including Tail of the Dragon now 3 times with his “baby brakes” as Stretch would say. Andy works in I/T supporting mainframe computing. I’m looking forward to helping the Ohio group grow, organize and have fun just like we always do wherever we go. For my VOA contact info: