Lime Rock Autocross August 5th, NY/CT VOA

From Ed Massena:

Hi Guys!

“we call it Autocross, but it’s really more of a miniature road course”
Saturday, August 5.
Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, CT
The NY/CT VOA is celebrating its 5th year hosting what is probably the best performance driving event in the Viper world.
We have the infield track at Lime Rock Park, reserved for us for the full day (plus the Skid Pad)
We have ACR Steve as head instructor, myself and one other instructor on hand, and a very comfortable feel to the event – everyone helping each other out (with a little smack-talk here and there.)
In the past we have opened a few slots to cars outside of the VOA, but I would much rather have members from other regions get the chance to participate!
The cost is only $130 per member (any region).  That’s 1/8 of what Skip Barber used to charge for a day on the same track, and 1/2 of what Lime Rock charges now.
Almost everyone who attends gets tired from the amount of seat time, and everyone I’ve asked has said they felt both faster and SAFER piloting their Viper after this event.  It’s practical, meaningful car control.   The best part is that you won’t burn a set of tires or brakes doing this event the way you could at a full-scale track day.
Please pass this info around, and tell your members to ask questions!    They will not regret coming, it’s a beautiful drive up there, and they’ll be HOOKED for the future.
or go right to sign-up here:
Thanks, and we hope to see a bunch of you there!